i was poor and couldn’t help my family when i arrived from Indonesia and could only get student jobs. that’s all changed


Life in Indonesia was hard and isn’t easy at all. My name is Ishnka, our family was poor, and they can’t afford to send me to school. We have a big family but complete. We are eight siblings, and I was the eldest. I have to work hard to help my parents support them. I was the only one who has entered school since I worked as a part-time job here.

I always dream that my siblings could have got to school too. I still believe that education is the key to success and the only thing that cannot be stolen. I want to improve my life, my father is sick because of his severe tuberculosis, and my mother was in pain too. My grandparents are also staying with us, and sometimes we eat once a meal a day. Every day, I need to wake up early to sell foods and at the same time studying. My journey wasn’t easy at all. One day, my auntie visited me, he married a British, and she’s living in London. I arrived late at the house because, after my school, I need to clean in the coffee shop since I need money financially. I am amazed by my auntie; she looks different now and a lot of changes. She gives us a lot of presents and branded clothes.

I dream that someday, I could be someone like her. I want to change my life and does my family too. I want to finished school and help my siblings to go to school. When I went outside, my auntie followed me and told me about the job. She said if I were interested in becoming London escorts. I became quiet for a while and thought about her offer. She explained the things I do and what can I benefit from it. I have to think about the situation I have now, and if I don’t make a move, we will remain like this for the rest of our lives. I have thought this overnight and come up to a decision. I went to my aunty early in the morning and told her right away my choice. I have also asked permission to my parent s to continue my study there and help them little financially.

I have promised them to be back with a degree and diploma in my hand. We spent the day having picnic and bond with the whole family since tomorrow is my flight. It pains me when I saw them, waving goodbye to me but it will be more painful to see them suffer. I should have sacrifice now. When we arrived in London, I have stayed at my auntie. She was very kind and her family too. I became an Escorts in London and had enrolled myself in school to continue my studies. I have my first client, and I was nervous. He told me to relax and keep calm. He was a gentleman and very comfortable to accompany. He introduced me to his friends, and they were amazed by my beauty and skin color.

They love how I spoke English because of my accent. The party ends well, and my client gives me a tip. It was big and helps a lot with my tuition fees. I became known as London escort, and many will book me. Even with my busy job, I never have forsaken my studies and give my best. I am an academic awardee and maintain it. I have now saved money, and buy all my wants. I have also sent money to my family, and they can eat three times a day now. My clients were good and recommended me to their friends. They have helped me a lot in my studies and financial problems. I have survived life here in London. I have also rented the house now and thanks to my auntie for the help. Years passed, I have finished my studies and had a stable job here in London. I have supported my family and sent my siblings to school. My life has changed so much from being too needy.